2017 Goals

 Goals 2017 – Is The Year of  Success www.zura.com.au We all have been there and done it. At the beginning of the year we all make goals.  New Years’ resolutions are always big and each year 92 per cent of us will fail to achieve our gigantic plans. But…this is... read more


YOGA www.zura.com.au Productivity at its peak. How do you make most out of your life? Flow is a mental state in which a person becomes fully immersed in an activity he is performing. The person feels energized, focused, totally absorbed and enjoying whatever is going... read more

Fitness with Zura

FITNESS WITH ZURA WWW.ZURA.COM.AU   There are many different myths circulation the health and fitness industry around dieting… Although some make a little more sense than others…. Here’s one fact that’s been proven… Chronic dieting, counting calories, or total... read more

Carbohydrates in Diet

Carbohydrates In our Diet – The Glycaemic Index Why do these different carbohydrates affect us differently? It all comes down to science. In 1980, Dr. David Jenkins at the University of Toronto got a team of colleagues together and started doing research on... read more

Food and Diet

Food and Diet www.zura.com.au The foods that you eat generally fall into three main categories: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Each one has a very different impact on your body, which matters tremendously when it comes to reaching your goal physique. Now, they... read more

Fitness Training

Think outside the frame…how www.zura.com.au “Almost 70 percent of your fitness training battle is won the day you realise what your body needs and when. “ – Arjun Rampal Then the next question is what does fitness have to do with active wear? And how these are... read more

HIIT Training

HIIT TRAINING WWW.ZURA.COM.AU Okay, I got the Zura HIIT Training book and I watched the video. I was inspired! As I watched a series of youthful, physically fit people perform the different exercises at the different training levels, I thought, “Wow!” I can do that! I... read more

Men’s Tank Tops

Men’s Tank Top With summer not too far away, it can get a bit challenging for guys do decide on the gym wear. Why? Because everyone is different and have different style when it comes to choose gym cloths or if you are dressing up casually. It can come down too many... read more


While most people think about maximizing their appearance for special events and nights out, you can still make sure you look good when you’re sweating your body into shape. After all, the two go hand in hand, so why not accentuate the very body that you’re busy... read more

Gym Wear Do’s and Dont’s

Zura Gym Wear: The Do’s and the Don’ts www.zura.com.au  When you go to gym, you may think that what you wear is of no importance and relevance to your training…and this is where you are wrong. It’s like wearing jeans to a formal event! Like every event, gym has an... read more

Detox – how to beat sugar stage 3

Detox – Stage 3 of How to Beat Sugar www.zura.com.au   Stage 3 – Detox Plan Now that we have rectified foods to eat and not to eat, we can map out a detox plan. Why is Detox important? We live in a world which is very heavily populated, in many ways. It’s in the... read more

How to Beat Sugar- Stage 2

Stage 2 – Identifying Sugars. www.zura.com.au Now that the mental preparation has been done to beat sugar, let’s identify sugars that are added. Now that’s easy. When you are having your coffee or tea, see how many teaspoons you are adding per cup. When having soft... read more

How To Beat Sugar

How to Beat Sugar www.zura.com.au People say, “I don’t eat sugar”, but don’t realise that they consume massive amount of sugar on daily basis. An average person consumes 40 teaspoons of sugar daily. Processed foods like BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, yoghurt etc. all have... read more

Transform Body

What does it really take to transform my body? https://zura.com.au/default I often get asked the following question: “What does it really take to transform my body?” The root word here that always makes my ears prick up is: really. It amuses me every time I hear it.... read more

Best Hoodies

Best Hoodies www.zura.com.au   When it comes to clothes, hoodies is my favourite and is always on my top list. Why? Because they are warm, comfortable, cosy and adds a bit of edge! I always look for following when shopping for hoodies and pullovers. Colour is... read more

Health And Fitness

Fitness and health doesn’t involve just your training, You should also take a thorough look at other aspects which are equally important to achieve your desired results. Some of the things that play a vital role in your health and fitness are nutrition, physical... read more

Dressing for Gym

Dressing up for  Gym – as an Ectomorph Shop on line www.zura.com.au  When it comes to dressing, everyone has their own style. But it’s important one knows what suits them…now this is based on your body type. In our last article we spoke about Mesomorphs.... read more


Gym Clothes www.zura.com.au  In addition to dressing based on your personality, there are some things you can do to highlight certain areas of your body based on your body type. I went over what it means to be a mesomorph, ectomorph, and endomorph in the previous two... read more

How To Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast  MOTIVATION  Motivation comes from your inner Zura. The key to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle allows you to work with you rather than against you. Motivation is what gets you up every day to train. It gets you into the gym or park or on the... read more

Woman’s Sport Shorts

Ever wondered if you put on a sports apparel and you feel you can become a better, stronger version of YOU…a better runner, stronger yoga poses, lift more weight… When I first put on these shorts, I hesitated. I’m a mother of 2 kids. Shouldn’t I be wearing something... read more

Best Womens Tights

When you are buying tights there are some points you look into to ensure you getting the benefit of wearing those compressed tights. But how do you decide that? It’s always a good start to have a bit of knowledge about fabric and the contribution of that fabric... read more

Color in Gym…Really!

How can one bring colour in gym? Colour, really? Isn’t black safe… Every time I had gone out to shop for active wear, I always come through Black. Black represents confidence and power, it makes one feel tall, slim and classy! But what if we start combining black by... read more

Live long by running…how?

Live long by running..how. ” Live long by Running..how? How do you relate to running as a fitness exercise? Most people who are not into running may look at it as a task that is time consuming, difficult and exhausting. Ask a person who has ran most of his life and it... read more

Support in Sports Bra

Support in Sports Bra… ” Me, myself and I…how one small change made me happier…. When we talk about sports bra, the first thought that comes in mind is support. Will my breast be with me when I’m working out or will they swing? What if the tissues and ligaments... read more

Thought, action, results….

Thought,action,results ” Whether your goal is to shed a few pounds, gain an extra 10kgs of muscle, or you want to feel alive, invigorated, and full of positive energy… That’s very realistic and achievable with what I’m about to share with you You see, transforming... read more

Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials ” Wardrobe Essentials What are your goals for 2016? Have you worked on your New Year Resolutions or whatever you may want to call it? Is it that this year you want to work more on your health and fitness goals, grow your business, travel more, be... read more

Spinning Your Active wear

Spinning Your Active wear ” When it comes to choosing your active wear, it can be a difficult and over whelming task. The first point of attraction is the look. Then comes the fabric content, benefits, properties and can it be only worn during training or can it also... read more

Defining Yoga

Defining Yoga ” Oxford defines Yoga as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation. The wiki definition of yoga is... read more

Greater Discovery of Self and Universe

Yoga asanas, focus on inner silence and chanting is a medium to the discovery of endless self. Every day you will discover part of you which you did not know. In fact you are tinkering and creating your own universe that is yet to exist. Curiosity has allowed new... read more

What is Pilates

Pilates with Zura? ” Pilates is a holistic exercise system created by Joseph Pilates. At the time that Joseph was teaching his system of exercise he called it ‘Contrology’. Joseph Pilates was born in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1880 and suffered from asthma, rickets and... read more

Are You Struggling to Get Rid of Your BellyFat?

Truth is this Sit ups and crunches DO NOT effectively reduce your belly fat In fact, doing excessive ab-targeted moves can injury to your low back by causing unnecessary stress on your spine. Doing ab-targeted exercises like sit ups, crunches and side bends will do... read more

You’re a Winner!

You’re a Winner! We all know that “fight or flight” is our natural reaction to any threatening situation or perception. Imagine being confronted by the danger of a street gang, roaring lion, or white pointer! Instinctually our body prepares to either run or stay and... read more

Setting the Bar

Setting the Bar If you find that you are bored with life, and you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire and passion to be healthy and fit in a holistic way, then something is missing in your life. Could it be that you don’t have enough goals? Manoj Kumar... read more

Becoming Your Very Own “Hero”

Trying to explain your “Zura mindset flow” to someone who’s never experienced it is like trying to describe the colour red to a person who is colour blind. They may understand the idea but can’t really grasp it on any real level. It’s totally foreign to them and... read more

Muscle Building Goals?

Muscle Building Goals? What Zura have for pulled together for you are some great ‘Muscle Building Exercise Tips’ for all of you gym owners, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. No holes barred…anyone with a love for fitness…this is for you! We are going to be... read more

Diary of a Reluctant Athlete

Okay, I got the Zura HIIT Training book and I watched the video. I was inspired! As I watched a series of youthful, physically fit people perform the different exercises at the different training levels, I thought, “Wow!” I can do that! I used to do some of those... read more

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