Think outside the frame…how

“Almost 70 percent of your fitness training battle is won the day you realise what your body needs and when. “ – Arjun Rampal

Then the next question is what does fitness have to do with active wear? And how these are related…

When I go out, I make sure my hair, cloths makeup etc is all perfect or at least presentable so that I feel confident about myself. This would be anytime during the day or night, whether I’m going to work, picking my child from school or going to gym. Really, going to gym as well? Yes, when I go to gym. Yes, I know I will sweat but I know there are ways to ensure I won’t have mascara running down my cheeks or having blotches on my face as I will wear something oil free. We women know that every time we step outside our house we always have one thought, what if I meet someone I know…

It’s the same when we work out. I take pride in what I wear when I’m training. I always warm up first 15 minutes on treadmill. I start with slow walk, then walk fast and then running on high speed. And for that I have to ensure I have plenty support with my active wear.

I love running in Zura Hotness tights. They have immense support, bright colours around waist, strong seams, high stretchability and gives excellent performance during my workout. And not forgetting how good they look when you wearing them. Even though the whole tights are black, I like the fact how it has bright colours around the waist creating fun and inspiration for higher performance.

I guess what I’m trying to say is our workout sessions should be as invigorating  as any other activity we do during the day. Women are beautiful specimens and they always are thriving to look perfect. Then why can’t we look beautiful and sweat at the same time…perhaps it’s time to train our mind that I need right cloths for my workout. Cloths that will work for me during my training. It will be that extra support, that extra push that we all need at some point in our life.

Is this thinking out the frame then…

If yes, then the question is Why? Because you want to reward yourself. Human body is very intelligent. As soon as you give your body a tangible goal and say there will be a reward, your brain will latch onto it and link the behaviour as worthwhile. Another way to push yourself would be signing a gym contract. I recently signed a monthly contract with my gym. They were running High intensive classes for 45 minutes, 3 times week. I would get up at 4.20am for 3 days a week to ensure I’m training and not missing my classes. Not only was the training intensive but my commitment level was so high. It was almost like taking a pledge and saying, yes, I will live and stand by this.

So yes, always keep changing and use other tactics to ensure you are pushing yourself while you are keeping up to your fitness training. Only you can achieve these results. It’s your mindset, your commitment!