Terms of Use

Terms Of Use

These conditions are applicable to all the purchase of Zura products on our website and use of all information within the website.


1) All orders are to be made on our website. Orders are accepted on phone or email

How to order

Send your enquiry through the enquiry form on the website and we will get in touch with you

2) The confirmation order will be sent to your email provided during order. As a purchaser you are required to keep this information safe for future reference. Zura.com.au reserves the right to cancel or refuse an order at any time without the need to give a reason. In the case where an order has been cancelled Zura.com.au will contact you using the contact information provided and all the credit will be put back to your card.

3) Zura will only accept orders made in Australian dollars. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the purchase is in Australian currency before it will be accepted. All purchases made within Australia will in occur a 10% GST. The GST components do not apply to any international purchases.

4) Shipping Methods

You may wish to choose the method of delivery from the list of delivery options we have including normal delivery, Tracked deliveries, express delivery and international services.

Our deliveries will be handled by Australia Post and may take 3-7 working days from the time of dispatch for all standard deliveries within Australia.

5.1) Zura.com.au reserves the right to change the price of the item, shipping and delivery method any time without notice.

Limitation of Liability    
The limitation of liability over rides all other clauses and sets forth Zura’s entire Liability, and your entire remedy, for: the performance, non-performance, purported performance or delay in performance of these Terms and Conditions or a Contract or the Site (or any part of it or them); or otherwise in relation to these Terms and Conditions or the entering into or performance of these Terms and Conditions. .


Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit our Liability for:


(i) fraud
(ii) death or personal injury caused by our Breach of Duty
(iii) any breach of the obligations implied by law; or
(iv) any other Liability which cannot be excluded or limited by applicable law; or your statutory rights as a consumer.

In performing any obligation under these Terms and Conditions, our only duty is to exercise reasonable care and skill.

We do not warrant and exclude all liability in respect of the accuracy, completeness, fitness for purpose or legality of any information accessed during the course of using the Zura website; and we exclude all liability of any kind for the transmission or the reception of or the failure to transmit or to receive any material of whatever nature.

You should not rely on any information accessed and contained on the Zura website in making a purchasing decision. The assumption is that you should make your own enquiries before forming your own opinion and taking any action based on any information or implied information.

We do not accept and hereby exclude any liability for breach of duty other than any such liability arising pursuant to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

We accept no liability for:
loss of revenue
loss of actual or anticipated profits
loss of contracts
loss of the use of money
loss of anticipated savings
loss of business
loss of operation time
loss of opportunity
loss of goodwill
loss of reputation
loss of, damage to or corruption of data or any indirect or consequential loss and such liability is excluded whether it is foreseeable, known, foreseen or otherwise. For the avoidance of doubt, whether such losses are direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise.


Our total liability under any contract shall in no circumstances exceed, in aggregate, a sum equal to the greater of: i) $100; or ii) 110% of the value of the relevant contract under which the cause of action arises; and our total Liability to you or any third party shall not in any other circumstances exceed, in aggregate, a sum equal to the greater of: i) $100; or ii) 110% of any aggregate amount paid by you to us in the 12 months preceding any cause of action arising.

Zura’s limitation of liability has effect in relation both to any liability expressly provided for under these Terms and Conditions and to any Liability arising by reason of the invalidity or unenforceability of any term of these Terms and Conditions.


In these Terms and Conditions:
“Liability” means liability in or for breach of contract, breach of duty, misrepresentation, restitution or any other cause of action whatsoever relating to or arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, including, without limitation, liability expressly provided for under these Terms and Conditions or arising by reason of the invalidity or unenforceability of any term of these Terms and Conditions (and for the purposes of this definition, all references to “these Terms and Conditions” shall be deemed to include any collateral contract); and “Breach of Duty” means the breach of any

(i) obligation arising from the express or implied terms of a contract to take reasonable care or exercise reasonable skill in the performance of the contract or
(ii) common law duty to take reasonable care or exercise reasonable skill (but not any stricter duty).