Setting the Bar

If you find that you are bored with life, and you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire and passion to be healthy and fit in a holistic way, then something is missing in your life. Could it be that you don’t have enough goals? Manoj Kumar

Some people believe that goal setting is a waste of time. Some people don’t see any purpose behind setting goals and certainly may not think it would have any effect on their potential. I have heard people say that, as far as they are concerned, “winning” was their one and only intention. At times like this in my life, I bring myself back to the reality and the power behind setting the bar. Only then am I able to clearly witness the positive impact it has had in my pursuing my health and fitness.

For me clearly I believe in:

When it comes to building muscle there are three main goals…

And, I’ll be looking at these three goals in more detail and explaining how you can achieve each one:

1. The importance of having goals

2. The importance of being both detailed and measurable

3. The power behind BIG intentions

4. The importance of creating positive affirmations and

5. The power of blending it all together

Goals give you something to shoot for…that is… a target. When you know what you want and are able to focus on it, the path to achieving it is much clearer. Indecisiveness on the other hand makes you look like a chicken with your head cut off, aimlessly hoping to achieve ‘something good’. Think of this in a literal sense:
Imagine shooting at a target. Considering there were no outside factors (wind, movement, etc) you could probably hit that target with little trouble. What do you think might happen if a blindfold was placed around your head? Would you be able to shoot that target with the same amount of precision and accuracy as you previously did? My guess is probably not. So, what’s my point… Your goals need to be Specific and Measurable!

“Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there”
There is a wrong way to create goals and there is a right way to create goals. Luckily for you I spent most of my athletic career doing it the wrong way and I’m going to share with you how to avoid that road. First and foremost, you want your goals to be as detailed as possible. The clearer they are, the more impact they will have on your mind. You see, your brain works very much like a computer. Give it a problem and it wants to fix it. That’s human nature.

Goals, similar to problems, have solutions which need to be discovered. If you tell your mind that your goal is to become a champion, it will find a way and do what it needs to do to make sure that you become just that- a champion. Remember, be specific and be measurable. State exactly what and you want to achieve and by when you want to achieve it.

The timeframe is very important because it gives you a gauge. Let’s say that you have given yourself six months to complete a goal. If your completion date is nearing and you still have not achieved it, then you know something is wrong. If this happens, you can make the proper adjustments needed- working harder, longer, or attacking the problem from a different angle. This will get you back on track and focused. Don’t see this as failure…see it as the opportunity to improve and be a better person all round in whatever you do. That’s called growth, and you need this not only in your health and fitness goals but in everything that you do in life.

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