Goals 2017 – Is The Year of  Success


We all have been there and done it. At the beginning of the year we all make goals.  New Years’ resolutions are always big and each year 92 per cent of us will fail to achieve our gigantic plans.

But…this is what I have come to realise …Have big goals but break them into small goals. That way they don’t seem humongous and are lot more successful than having a big goals and you eventually fail. 2017 is not going to be a failure and that should be the first goal!

So let’s get into 2017 without further delays:

Know your goal and the “why” behind it

Your goals should be in alignment with your vision. You could be a person who needs to see himself/herself as a person with great physic…or it could be living a healthy life style with healthy meal choices, limited alcohol, having enough rest etc etc.

What Actions are Being Implemented

Your goals are based on your behaviours…so observe what you eat, how much rest you have, what kind of training you do, what motivates you, your life style.

Baby Steps

Human body is very intelligent, as I have mentioned before. If you having been eating donuts before and if you stop eating it all of a sudden, your brain will keep spinning around that craving until one day you grab donuts and probably end up eating more donuts and all hard work goes to waste. To overcome it, you first need to work on your “Habit”. Charles Duhigg has quoted in his book, “There is nothing programmed into our brains that makes us see a box of doughnuts and automatically want a sugar treat.” But once the brain learns that doughnut box contains yummy sugar and other carbohydrates, it will start anticipating the sugar high and if we don’t eat, we will feel disappointed.” So how do we overcome this? Have a reward system. Eat doughnuts, but not every day. Work hard throughout the week and tell yourself you will eat one small doughnut once a week. Slowly, you will stop craving and then you have formed a new habit…not eating doughnuts every day. Our brain will understand the sense of a completed action and this will reinforce the routine and continue improving on new habits. It takes time, but this method is more successful then to eliminate a bad habit all at once.

Further breakdown of goals

Our brain cannot handle too many changes, hence, we need to have no more than 3 habits. I would choose eat healthy, workout 5 times a weeks and give my body enough rest every day.

Choices with your habits

Changing everything at same time could be disastrous, so perhaps pick one habit and start working on it. Once you see you getting success with that, move onto the next one…

Transformations and the limits

It can be very easy to be caught up with big ideas. That’s the recipe for failure. So once again, its baby steps with consistency.

Your true Friends

If you want changes, it’s important to assess what kind of people you are surrounded by. Are they pushing you towards your goal, or taking you away from them. Surrounding yourself with positive people is very important. That support is always needed…after all you want to hear people praise you when you have changed for better. That could be you become a non-smoker, or losing weight or overcome a health problem due to positive changes.


Be aware of your actions. If you are eating, observe your food, your bite portions, and enjoy every bite as that food is nourishing your body. This will help you to immerse yourself in that habit, creating a new habit.

Be Patient

There will be moments where you feel you have slipped. That is not a failure provided you pick yourself up and don’t keep repeating the slips. Always tell yourself you deserve the best and reward yourself every now and then with every small achievement. Celebrate new habits (good habits) and know its takes time for changes.

Marcus Bondi

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