Dressing up for  Gym – as an Ectomorph

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When it comes to dressing, everyone has their own style. But it’s important one knows what suits them…now this is based on your body type. In our last article we spoke about Mesomorphs. Today it’s about Ectomorphs! And how they can dress up for gym, or when they go for shopping or just a casual outing.

We all come in different shapes, where looking normal seems far from “normal”. I mean a loose tank top may look good on you but a fitted top may look better on your friend. We see this every day. Yes, workout cloths can be tricky…but if you follow the below tips, you will be alright.

If your predominant body type is ectomorph (long, thin, and lacking curves), then you likely have a hard time shopping right off the rack as most pants will be too short in length and the sleeves on shirts and jackets won’t be as long as they need to be either. Not that you can’t find items that do fit, but it may take some time and patience to come up with hems that extend at or beyond your ankles and wrists.

Ectomorphs really need to stay away from vertical stripes as they will make you appear to be longer and leaner than you already are. Additionally, wearing clothes that are too tight or that have the word “skinny” anywhere in their name will have the same effect, so choosing options that have a little bit of breathing room can give you the appearance of having a little bit of bulk on your frame.

You also want to avoid wearing an outfit that is all the same colour (especially if the colours are dark) as this has the ability to make your long, thin frame stand out. Instead, choose different colours, contrast in colours when picking out what you are going to wear to put less focus on your not-necessarily-there curves. Yes, dark colors, especially black give slimmer vision compared to a light color. One can use this to enhance or create a slim look when dressing up for any event.

Where mesomorphs should avoid layers due to the bulk they create, wearing two or more levels of clothing actually works extremely well for you as an ectomorph. It gives you some girth to your generally stick-thin body and can even create the appearance of curves if worn correctly, such as in choosing top layers that look like they have curves even when hanging on the clothing rack.

Another trick to add curves is to choose pieces that are tighter around the waist and looser at the hips as this also gives the illusion of a curvaceous body. Depending on the size of your chest as well, you may want clothing that is looser in that area to further enhance it and make it stand out.

In the end, as mentioned before, we are all different and the key to looking and feeling great is not to try to be something  that you are not because that will be disastrous, but to embrace your body type and to make the best of it. If you wish to change your body type, this can be achieved, but until then, there is no point in putting your style and by extension, life, on hold! Discover what you look like and dress your body to the nines! Embrace yourself and the styles and lift your spirit up! Be confident!