Okay, I got the Zura HIIT Training book and I watched the video. I was inspired! As I watched a series of youthful, physically fit people perform the different exercises at the different training levels, I thought, “Wow!” I can do that! I used to do some of those advanced ones in physical education class back when I was in better shape. (Note the tone of denial here; it comes into play again later in the story.) And I didn’t even have a seriously cool muscle shirt like the ones they were wearing back when I used to do lunges, squats and jumping jacks. Back in ancient times we had to wear white Fruit of the Loom T-Shirts and these horrible boxer-style white PE shorts. With my hereditary thunder thighs, those short shorts are NOT a good look for me. So I decked myself in the latest exercise gear and prepared for my first 30-minute workout. One of the things us older guys do to delude ourselves and to attempt to delude others is we are constantly saying, often aloud and in front of pretty girls, “I need to get back in shape….” This is an old marketing technique. It’s called Leading with a Lie.

Most of us, who talk about getting “back in shape”, do so hoping that everyone will assume that we were actually “in shape” at some recent point in time.The truth is we’ve probably been coasting along for the past decade or so doing something “athletic” once in a while and hoping that somehow or other fitness will accidentally happen to us without our having to think too hard about it. NEWS FLASH: That doesn’t work so well. Also, if you do the whole weekend warrior thing without proper conditioning for too long, one day you are going to wake up (possibly in a hospital) realizing that if you keep skiing, mountain climbing, scuba diving and playing racquet ball like that, you’re one day going to have yourself a really nasty heart attack or some kind of injury. It’s easy to delude yourself that you’re only a little out of shape. Over time, though, your mind still thinks your body can do what it once did back when you were in 10th grade.

Then, one day you find yourself standing on a motel pool diving board thinking you can still do a half-gainer. The results were pretty spectacular and everybody around the pool gave me an 8.5 for my spread-eagle belly buster with a half twist. Getting back to what happened that day, The Point: When they say “Beginner Level” they mean it. Have you got your copy of the Zura HIIT Training book and video? if not fill in your details on the pop up and we’ll send it straight to you now.

Note Following points-:

  • Exercise everyday. If you are exercising 3-4 times ay, then change that habit to daily. Why daily? because you want workout to be a “habit”. and habits are hard to break.
  • Constant challenge. Our body is very intelligent. You cannot do the same amount of weight squats everyday. Why? because eventually your will become strong and it needs different challenge, hence we always need to up our game when training. Do not make the mistake of training for 2 hours. Focus on increasing the intensity or challenge with every exercise.
  • Acknowledge set points in life. Challenges will always be there and you may not be getting the results you want. That’s when you DO NOT give up.
  • Educate yourself on healthy diet. Learn to always eat unprocessed foods and always eat your vegetables. go back to basics and follow the food chart.
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