Men’s Tank Top

With summer not too far away, it can get a bit challenging for guys do decide on the gym wear. Why? Because everyone is different and have different style when it comes to choose gym cloths or if you are dressing up casually. It can come down too many factors…like comfort, simplicity, colour, design, your style and not forgetting the fabric. Does it get confusing when you shopping for tank tops. This whole process of wearing tank tops has been going on for decades now. Men like the idea of comfort and carefree look, but at the same time show quality. And that’s why tank tops are mostly made of light weight fabrics

Beyond their similarities, men can also find some variations between different styles of tanks. Following are some styles from Zura. We believe that tank tops needed a re-evaluation…so here is a start on some handy tips on wearing tank tops so that all men out there are not left confused. Tank tops are classy and even fashionable, it all depends on how confidently you carry it…don’t believe us…well check out few of these selected choices from Zura

Standard Tanks

Let’s look at Zura’s 110% dedication top. Large print with message signifies you take yourself seriously. You have found the message complimenting your character and you are not shy to tell the world that yes, you are 110% dedicated! The strips are thin, about 3 inches, decent size armhole with easy fit. The fabric used is cotton/polyester/spandex. As we know cotton helps to keep you cool in summer, allows skin to breath. Whereas polyester and spandex helps in retaining the shape and style.

Marcus Bondi

Comfort Zone tank has scooped neckline with thin strips and dropped armholes. The binding adds styles and the large imprint shows once again he message is clear about you’re your workout. This tank is great for gym, running or just casual daily wear.

For those who are a bit reserved and shy, Zura has Power Sleeveless t-shirts. They are very close to what AFL players would wear. It’s a smart tank with snug fit yet comfortable. The big Zura logo in contrast colour adds to style and certainly makes you feel like a player. The fabric used for this tank is polyester which helps to disperse sweat. What I love about this tank, especially the black colour is that it looks top notch with the style and design. There’s something about this tank that just makes you look good in a very neat way!

Juan Pablo

Last Set Best Set is a very innovative tank from Zura. It’s made of modal/cotton fabric. Modal cotton is a blend of cotton and modal, which is basically a type of rayon made from (scientific name – Fagus) beech tree fibres. When modal is added to cotton, the result is the fabric that shrinks less, is softer to the touch and is more absorbent than fabric made from pure cotton. This unique tank will always retain its shape and at the same time keep you cool.

These are only just few tank tops I have included. Will talk more about tank tops in my next article. Until then, enjoy these tank tops…