Lose Weight Fast


Motivation comes from your inner Zura. The key to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle allows you to work with you rather than against you. Motivation is what gets you up every day to train. It gets you into the gym or park or on the tracks working out in your own time schedule. Motivation is what makes you get out of the couch and gets you going. It’s being consistent in your training.

How do you tap into it?

For lots of people motivation is never long lived. WHY?

Motivation is like a fuel and when it runs out you stop. Become the master and be in control by harnessing your mind through your inner will power so that nothing stops you. Make your goals bigger than you. What I mean by this is to have a purpose that will keep you going even during the time when you feel like quitting. Example:  I want to be fit and healthy so I can fully enjoy my life and live for my children’s children.

Motivation Tip 1: Overhaul your goals

Goal setting is a MUST when it comes to getting fit – and there’s a good reason: it WORKS. The trick with setting goals is to be SMART; specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.


Set goals that are clear and to the point.

When your goal is measurable it makes it easy to track your progress – for example if you say your goal of working out is to ‘lose weight’, how will you know when you’ve achieved it? And do you stop working out once you’re happy with your weight? Try aiming for a more specific target, such as: I’d like to drop 5 kg weight in 4 weeks to keep working towards my target weight goal.


Track your progress day or week by week followed by monthly achievements. This is the only way to track progress and to know you are achieving results. Carry a book and a pen or any device that you can enter your results daily.

Measuring your progress is motivating in itself because it allows you to see the change that is happening for you.

Attainable & Realistic

Your goals must be realistic in other words they must be attainable. You can’t eat the whole elephant at once but one bite at a time. It’s like building pillars or foundation and working on it. Your foundation is more important and you know when your foundation is strong you will be able to go a long way.

Start with smaller challenges and work your way up! If you’ve never done a HIIT workout before, it makes no sense to set a goal involving five intensive 30-minute HIIT sessions 4 -5 times a week. You can use this free video I have created for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp-akUAzTgs. If you wish access the full training program for free than opt-in on my website @ www.zura.com.au and start your training today to see your new you. Start at a level you are most comfortable with and that will take you to the next level.

Make your goals appropriate to your current level of fitness. If you go out too hard you may risk injuring yourself. The training program is designed for anyone starting out to a level which is for most advanced trainers.


Set a time-frame for your goals. Do not make excuses and delay your fitness goals. Fitness is a slow process and do not make it slower by quitting. Short term goals are best met between four to twelve weeks. Any shorter or longer and you risk losing the drive to achieve your goals.

Put the SMART principle together and act at once. You may start the HIIT training with a 15 minutes beginner’s level for first week if you are totally new to the program. The time frame is set, the goal is attainable and realistic for someone who is new to fitness.

Setting yourself some SMART goals for your fitness will go a long way to keeping you motivated.

Motivation Tip 2: Follow the program religiously and write your goals and record your results

Motivation Tip 3: Mix and Match

You can add variety of other types of exercises to your training or days that you want to get off the training. You can ride a bike, go for a run, take a Pilate class or swim. The variety of other exercises will keep you interested and motivated.  Also, you need to always push your body to get more successful rate at losing weight faster.

Motivation Tip 4: Change your training environment

While gym is a great place to hang around with positive like-minded people and great equipment it is equally important to take breaks and take your mind and body away to relax or train in another environment such as a park or beach. It is always good to give your mind and body exposed to newer changing environment from time to time. In this way you will notice that you can perform at your best without getting bored and tired. Remember that our mind gets tired and sick of repetitive work no matter how good it may feel or sound in the beginning.

Success starts with health, and the best way to be healthy and start losing weight fast is by being in tune with your inner Zura.