What Zura have for pulled together for you are some great ‘Muscle Building Exercise Tips’ for all of you gym owners, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. No holes barred…anyone with a love for fitness…this is for you!

We are going to be guiding you through all the necessary steps for creating your own muscle building exercise program, if you don’t already have your own, and if you do we would like to hear from you about what it is that you are doing so that we can all make them more fun and performance enhancing for everyone who enjoys a challenging workout.

I’m going to kick this off by going through setting some muscle building goals.

When it comes to building muscle there are three main goals…

And, I’ll be looking at these three goals in more detail and explaining how you can achieve each one:

1. Muscle Size & Strength: If you want big, strong muscles then you need to be lifting pretty heavy and choosing weights that you can lift for 4-8 reps per set ideally…but there’s no shame in working up to this.

2. Muscle Shape & Tone: If you want to shape and tone your muscles without adding too much size then you should be lifting medium weights that you can lift for 8-12 reps per set. Again…no shame in starting smaller.

3. Muscle Endurance & Stamina: If your main goal is to improve your muscle strength and stamina then you need to be lifting relatively light weights that you can manage 12-16 reps per set. And again “ditto.”

So, that gives you a bit of an overview of what’s in store. If you want to learn all about the different types of muscle building equipment (including Zura apparel), muscle building terms, muscle groups and muscle building exercises then stay tuned. If you’re interested in getting Zura into your gym and workouts then email me at [email protected] and let’s talk… Be Inspired Manoj Kumar CEO Zura