Yoga asanas, focus on inner silence and chanting is a medium to the discovery of endless self. Every day you will discover part of you which you did not know. In fact you are tinkering and creating your own universe that is yet to exist. Curiosity has allowed new discoveries where man have leaped to the outer planets in the quest to understand more of what is out there but by breathing deeply, listening the internal dialogue and observing inner silence you will learn and discover everything which you can reach outside and beyond. How do you discover? By removing the inner quarrel, letting the mind not to dwell and listening to your breath. Placing too much pressure and trying too hard will do more bad than good.If you push too hard, you may get hurt. It sounds like life – no matter what we do, or how well we do it, if we pay attention, stay compassionate and really listen, there is no end to the learning, discovering or teaching. ZURA – The NEW