Live long by ”

Live long by

How do you relate to running as a fitness exercise? Most people who are not into running may look at it as a task that is time consuming, difficult and exhausting. Ask a person who has ran most of his life and it may change your perception forever. Running however is becoming popular day by day and a lot of people are engaging in some level of running either a casual jog around the block or running in an organised group for health benefits while engaging for a bigger purpose in life such as for charity events. The fact remains though that running can increase your life span. Taking a 5 to 10 minutes each day for running can prolong your life for 3 to 5 years while burning unwanted calories. A hard run for an hour with few minutes of break in between may burn up to 600 to 800 calories— Running is an aerobic activity which means it uses oxygen to adequately meet its energy demands during exercise via aerobic metabolism.

Professional runners take running to another level where it can be really vigorous and places a high demand on the heart to continuously supply oxygen thus enlarging heart muscles to improve efficiency and reduce resting heart rate. Everyone knows running but for the beginners though running should be taken slowly and taken for five to fifteen minutes to reap the rewards. Gradually you can start to progress and take running into another level depending on your fitness level, age and health. A brisk walk for a short period is recommend for those who are not in a position to run and you will reap the same rewards as a runner depending on how far and how long your walk session lasts.

Runners view running as a way of life which has provided them with benefits of seeing life in a very positive way. Runners are generally very happy people. Make your running full of fun and enjoy the journey. With self-discipline everything is possible. Put some nice active wear that inspires you and one that is comfortable and go for it

And next week we will talk about few other benefits…