Trying to explain your “Zura mindset flow” to someone who’s never experienced it is like trying to describe the colour red to a person who is colour blind. They may understand the idea but can’t really grasp it on any real level. It’s totally foreign to them and elusive. A great way for athletes to become familiar with this state is by using a technique called modelling.

This doesn’t mean walking down a fancy run way sporting the latest fashion line…it’s much more than that. Modelling is the art of watching and learning. It’s mental imagery which allows you to take on the personality of a superior athlete – all inside the inner working of your mind. Essentially, this forces you to ‘step into’ the feeling of actually stepping into the shoes of the athlete.

Imaging being in the shoes of one of the greats…Michael Jordan, Cathy Freeman, Dave Scott, Erika Ropati Frost or Mirinda Carfrae to name a few….whoever you’re hero is! So here is how you get started and into becoming a part of the Zura tribe who think like a pro:

1. Get online and search for athletes who talk about how they have experienced or utilized altered states to enhance their performance. See who resonates with you and focus on what they do.

2. If you can, find some video on that performance. If a video recording does not exist for your particular “hero” then choose a different one.

3. Find a relaxing place and get comfortable because you need to focus and get in “the zone.” There should be no outside distractions present (cell phones, traffic, etc).

4. Watch the video from beginning to end and stay focused.

5. After each time you watch it, visualize the entire event as if you were the one performing. Do this for about 5-7 minutes. Immerse yourself with all the sensations and feelings that your “hero” was going through and might have been experiencing throughout their performance. Repeat this process 3-4 times and whenever you need focusing. Whether you are an athlete, someone who just loves working out and training to stay healthy, are a personal trainer, a Gym Manager or Owner, or a retailer of sporting apparel Zura has a distinct offer for you.

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