Spinning Your Active wear ”

When it comes to choosing your active wear, it can be a difficult and over whelming task. The first point of attraction is the look. Then comes the fabric content, benefits, properties and can it be only worn during training or can it also worn as casual wear. Many questions pass through your mind before one can make a decision.

So let’s understand few things so that next time you shop for your active wear, you are much more confident with all the new acquired knowledge and perhaps show off this knowledge to your friends and family. When it comes to training, “stretchability” is definitely a required attribute. Why? So we can perform to excellence. And what would that mean? Reaching your maximum, pushing yourself so that results are achieved and finally you smile with happiness.

So let’s talk about the word expand. The name “spandex” is an anagram of the word “expands”. In continental Europe it is referred to by variants of “elastane”, i.e. elasthanne (France), elastan (Germany),elastano (Spain), elastam (Italy) and Elasthaan (Netherlands), and is known in the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Israel primarily as Lycra.

Today spandex is a favourite for most sports company’s due to its and known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than natural rubber, with capability to stretch about to 500% to its length. The fabric popular material used as base layers to soak up sweat. For example, in activities such as skiing, mountain climbing, cycling, running etc. This is achieved by using layering: moisture transferring(moisture wicking) materials are worn next to the skin, followed by an insulating layer, and then wind and water resistant shell garments. Another benefit of spandex is its significant strength and elasticity and its ability to return to the original shape after stretching and faster drying than ordinary fabrics.

With so much support, you can completely trust yourself with Spandex/Lycra. You will find most of Zura cloths designed in Spandex so that you are comfortable and enjoy the fit.

So, does that mean you are now confident to get into your new Spandex?

At Zura we do it right for you. Check our Lycra Virgin tights and many more designs that will inspire you to create your NEW You.