Support in Sports Bra… ”

Me, myself and I…how one small change made me happier….

When we talk about sports bra, the first thought that comes in mind is support. Will my breast be with me when I’m working out or will they swing?

What if the tissues and ligaments get stretched?

Does that mean I lose the shape and hold of my very core definition of woman?

Perhaps if I train I will get the shape back….hmmmm, no….

Scary hey…?

When you are working out, the right sports bra can change your workout. You will use your hand freely when you are running on treadmill instead of holding your chest.

What does that mean to you…focus, performance and bounce control…

Zura Zesty Sports Bra is designed to enhance versatility. The molding embraces your body for that extra support but also ensuring for better breathability and minimizing the bounce.

The straps are for that support you need yet creates the stylish and impressible bra. The stretchability and light mesh allows easy wear and comfort. Molded cups give separation, lift and the perfect shape you want. The thick straps provide the extra support during tough workout or medium impact sport. The invisible seams and the light fabric gives that extra comfort and neat finish.

Zura Zesty bra has great moisture management and abrasion resistance ensuring you are avoiding any nasty chafing.

Zura Zesty Sports Bra is an excellent choice for Bikram or Hot yoga!

Now that means I am at a happier place knowing my valuables, my assets are being taken care off