Zura Gym Wear: The Do’s and the Don’ts

When you go to gym, you may think that what you wear is of no importance and relevance to your training…and this is where you are wrong. It’s like wearing jeans to a formal event! Like every event, gym has an appropriate clothing attire as well. Why?

  • Going to gym is simply a healthy life style. It’s a path to your goals, your path to success. If your goal is success in your health then a little bit of TLC is required. First comes mental preparation that you are out to achieve the goal. Read the book written by Manoj Kumar: Your Best Mindset- Creating a winning Psychology.
  • Secondly, being strong to support that goal.
  • Thirdly, putting that thought into action
  • Fourthly achieving the results
  • Fifth, maintaining that success. A good attire will help with your mental preparation. Visualise yourself…say in 6 months’ time… how you see yourself…

So, coming back to why wearing correct attire in gym is so important. This is your DO’S

  • Always wear a good sports bra and leggings when working out. This will make a definite difference as to how you look.
  • Accessorise yourself:- carry a nice gym bag or wear a hat to add a bit of oomph factor
  • The cloths will accelerate your training. Look for comfort, style, colour and fit.
  • Do wear sleeveless tanks. It’s nice to show you are working hard and getting the results.
  • Wear good shorts during workout so that when you are sweating, your skin stays cool.
  • Always train in single layer cloths.
  • Up style your gym wear with bright colours. Ladies’, this one is for you, be adventurous and try our range of shorts.
  • Always carry extra top or shorts, in case you are sweat soaked.
  • When you are working put, you should only be wearing zura branded shorts. They have been designed for high performance.
  • Wearing the right socks and shoes will not only complete the attire, but allow you to give high level performance during you training.

Coming to Don’t

  • Do not wear makeup. Your skin pores open when you are sweating. You do not want to blog your skin
  • Do not wear watch, rings etc to gym. Sweat damages metal accessories
  • Don’t wear anything too tight, or too lose.
  • Don’t re wear your cloths after workout. Observe hygiene.
  • Don’t forget to carry deodorant.

And what is the ultimate benefit of all of above? Well, imagine you becoming a trend setter. Mostly people don’t like wearing nice gym wear cloths to gym. But you can break that code and become an example…become your very own ambassador of cloths you wear. You can start something new, a fusion between fashion and gym…a class! Now that would be extra ordinary!!! When has wearing nice cloths ever made anyone feel down? Does having a good physic give you extra confidence? For me it does. I like it when I walk out in streets or when I am working hard in gym and I feel admiration from other gymies…that’s my motivation, my Zura – my inner strength!

Find your motivation today. Find your Zura NOW, your inner energy!