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The Three Body Types: What Routines They Respond to Best (Your Best Body Book 1)

In the first book of the series by Manoj Kumar, Your Best Body: The Three Body Types and What Routines They Respond to Best, you will discover: 

• How to identify your body type, 
• How to set goals and achieve them, 
• Motivational quotes and tips to keep you going, 
• The importance of understanding your body type, 
• A specific training guide tailored for your body, 
• How to fast track your fitness goals with exercise routines, 
• How to tone, loose fat, or build muscle according your body type, 
• How to reveal your six-pack, 
• Which exercises do not work for your abs and why you should avoid them, 
• How you no longer have to pay a professional to reach your fitness goals, 
• How to add slabs of muscle within just a few months, 
• The secrets of revealing your six pack, 
• How to avoid over stressing your spine, and avoid major back injuries for life, 
• How you can eat six times per day and still shred kilos and keep toned, 
• And much, much more as well as receive a special offer from Manoj. 
Buy, read, and start using Manoj Kumar’s Your Best Body: The Three Body Types and What Routines They Respond to Best right now! 


Your Best Meals: Your Best Lifestyle Diet According To Your Body Type and Goals (Your Best Body Book 2)

Health and nutrition are two of the most discussed topics in modern times. Today, however, there are millions of people dying from poor health and diseases, including heart attacks, diabetes, and high blood pressure. And obesity has now risen to be the number one problem facing the world.

Your understanding and approach to health is vital to ensure not only a healthy body but a healthy family, a healthy workplace, a healthy community, and a healthy nation. In fact, without good health everything else in life becomes insignificant no matter how valuable they may have once seemed. One way to look at health is as a secret relationship between you and your body. And only you are responsible for your health. 

If you are looking to create that change and harness the secrets of a healthier and happier you then this book is the key to unlocking the secrets of true health and happy living. 

The author has spent over twenty years in fitness training while researching food and nutrition. He uses the principles espoused in these pages himself, and he has guided friends and families to help them reach their fitness goals in life. 

In this book you will learn: 
• What you did not learn about diets and why in the past your attempts to diet may have failed, 
• How diet, like clothes, is tailored for your body type rather than one size fits all, 
• How you can look ten years younger than your real age by consuming the right food, 
• How you can get the body you always wanted faster than you might have thought, 
• What stops you from achieving the perfect body and how to overcome your obstacles, 
• What foods to avoid and which food will enhance your results, 
• How to add seven to ten quality years to your life by simply following the guidelines in this book, 
• How to counter-balance your acidic foods to avoid diseases, 
• Why diabetes has become the number one killer and how it is caused and can be avoided, 
• The rules of eating your meals the perfect way, 
• Supplements and nutrients that will help you reach your goals faster, 
• Why organic food is better for you, 
• And much, much more! 

Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose fat, or get toned you will find all the answers in this book! 


Your Best Style: Maximizing Your Appearance from Head To Toe (Your Best Body Book 3)

In Your Best Style, you will find tips and ideas for dressing up to build confidence according to your specific body type. Manoj Kumar provides guidance for anyone who is looking to add bit of style to his or her dressing, including: 

• How certain accessories can help add value to your dressing, 
• How to build confidence through attire, 
• How color plays a vital role in lifting morale and confidence, 
• How to look for the right fitness attire, 
• What to look for in training garments, 
• How to buy fitness wear that will inspire you to train harder, 
• And much more! 


Your Best Mindset: Creating a Winning Psychology (Your Best Body Book 4)

There is a very small difference between those who are successful in life and those who are trying to be successful, and that difference is in the mind. In this book you will discover 

• The incredible power of the mind 
• What makes a winner 
• How to keep positive and happy 
• Finding your life purpose 
• The effect of hues and the environment we live in 
• How you can build self image and self confidence 
• Five must-have ingredients for success 
• Powerful quotes of inspiration 
• How can you avoid failure and misfortune 
• How you can create richness with abundance thinking 
• Additional tips and tricks to a winning mindset 
• And much more!