What does it really take to transform my body?

I often get asked the following question:

“What does it really take to transform my body?”

The root word here that always makes my ears prick up is: really.

It amuses me every time I hear it.

Like there’s secret that being held back from mainstream population.

A secret that’s only shared by a select few.

Is it:

How you train?

When you train?

What you eat?



And the list goes on and on…

Well, in my opinion, there may be a secret, actually.

It’s called: APPLICATION

Truth be told, all the supplements or spotting partners in the world can’t help you if you don’t apply yourself and take action.

Yes, there are more training workouts and food plans than could ever be written about…


It’s the constant application of training and eating properly that marks the line of achievement.

It’s just being REGULAR.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Athletes back in the 70’s had much less technology and training strategies and nutritional guidance than we have today…

Yet they won Olympic Games.

Athletes of today have more than ample information on what to eat and how to train, but if they’re not consistent in applying that information, results aren’t theirs for the taking.

So keep a regular training routine on your agenda, and make it a habit to eat properly on a daily basis, and you’ll see amazing results. Check out Zura HIIT training


That’s what it really takes to transform your body.

Benefits of above in relevance to one exercise, say running:-

Mood enhancer

Running usually makes you feel happy and high due to release of happy hormones like serotonin in the brain. It reduces stress to body especially neck head and shoulders. A regular running exercise can fight anxiety, depression and prevents addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Helps prevent high blood pressure

Running requires continuous oxygen supply which is why the arteries and the heart becomes so efficient to meet the demand. This will always keep the blood pressure within the normal range.

Prevents osteoarthritis and osteoporosis

The cause of osteoarthritis are usually injury, age and weight which causes wear and tear of joints and cartilages. Running helps to strengthen the joint, cartilages and ligaments by increased blood supply and flushing the toxins. Running will help reduce weight loss meaning less stress and weight on the joints in the long run. The impact of running helps to make the long bones stronger allowing less chance for fractures.

Boosts body’s immune system

Running has helped to reduce high blood pressure and raised good cholesterol. The heart regulates better. Hormones are released due to activity.  This all means the immune system which is the body’s mechanism for fighting disease works better at fighting disease processes.

Live longer

Running can increase your life span simply because it helps to prevent inflammation while building cardiac output and mobility.  The more you will be involved in running the better will your respiratory system will function. Breathing is life and the moment you stop breathing life ceases to exist. Breathing also helps to calm the mind while it increases concentration and focus.

Increases Confidence

The more you run the more positive and good you will feel due to release of hormones in the body. Running burns calories that helps to reduce weight and improve physical form. You have a greater chance of fitting into size clothes you normally don’t. Remember clothes inspire and increase your confidence. The more you will feel good about self, the more disciplined and consistent your approach to running will become which will make you a confident person to tackle anything in life.

Reduces Weight 

Running helps to reduce weight by burning your calories. A good 1 hr running session can burn up to 800 calories depending on your intensity. A good running habit will boost confidence and improve appetite for healthier food options.

Imagine if one combines this with a few other exercises.

Feel free to share the secret.

(If you want to call it that).

Go ahead…

Live your dreams NOW.

Get inspired train in Zura active wear and transform your body starting from NOW! 

Posted by Manoj Kumar


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