There are many different myths circulation the health and fitness industry around dieting…

Although some make a little more sense than others…. Here’s one fact that’s been proven…

Chronic dieting, counting calories, or total food restriction is NOT the ideal way to get into shape.

As a matter of fact, yo-yo dieting has been known to cause repercussions that only lead to more weight gain as soon as the dieting stops.

This is the body’s way of compensation for what it missed out on.

So what’s the answer?


To counter a dietary or physical rebound, focus on one primary thing…


This is done by eating a well-balanced variety of food that are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and quality carbohydrates like rice, grains, oats, fruits and vegetables. 

Other factors like quality sleep, reducing stress, and living an enjoyable lifestyle as much as possible also come into play. So ensure you train at least 5 times week. Always mix and be creative with your workout. Why? So that burning calories become fun. Routine is boring! See if you can have a gym buddy and plan your workouts. Challenge each other…after all you will only end up losing more calories! If you are an outdoor person, join a boot camp, or even load the Zura HIIT training. Start from beginners and the continue for advanced. Be in control of your fitness.