Company Vision

To inspire people into true living, enlighten the Zura within one person, one neighbourhood, one nation and the rest of the world to make a difference together.

 Mission Statement

We design yoga and fitness wear to establish mind body connection to create your NEW YOU. Our designs give cutting edge fitness wear to inspire the masses to achieve highest level of health and fitness. To inspire the masses to become a better stronger version by putting their life into action. To instil the belief that everyone is born a champion To help establish mind, body and soul connection to realise ones higher purpose in life. To raise the awareness that together we can contribute towards sustaining and protecting mother-nature for a healthy living environment. A commitment to innovation, excellence and inspiration. Zura will always work by the unique and wow factor weather that be the design, the fabric or the colours. Being innovative, embracing change and adapting to the culture is Zura’s commitment to the people at large A realisation and commitment to doing well for the whole by providing continuous support through inspiring, touching lives to continuously help embrace positive change in people and the world


The biggest gift of life is to serve, it is inherent in one’s eternal nature. Seek to serve and move forward ( Serving is the biggest virtue in life ) Everything is possible and achievable ( Have faith and strong belief system in everything you do in life) Live to the edge. ( 110% Dedication) Increase ( Personal growth is achieved through expanded state of mental, physical and spiritual development) Be inspired. ( Feeling on top of the world and motivating others) Love it loud ( It has to come deep down from your heart) Empower and feel empowered. ( Add value to your and others life) Commitment to motivation and excellence ( Zura will always work by the unique and wow factor whether that be design, fabric or colours) The sky is not the limit. ( Reach for the stars and if you missed it than know that you have gone beyond) To see the world as one big healthy and happy family. We are merely the replica of nature. (Nature is the living force and provider of all that we need for survival and creation. For its sustainability and protection Zura will contribute to mother-nature by planting 10000 trees and completing this by year 2025.

Nature is the living force and provider of all that we need for survival and creation. For its sustainability and protection Zura will contribute to mother nature by planting 10000 trees and completing this by year 2025.

 Our promise to you

We will plant a tree for every Zura design you purchase and train in. By partnering with 202020vision zura will help plant a tree for every Zura design you wear and train. We at Zura believe that we were all born for a higher purpose that is bigger than living an average life. Our passion is to allow you to be part of the energy that inspires you to become a better stronger version of yourself from inside out. Our designs comes with positive quotes like 110% dedication, sweat is not an option, I challenge myself, By training in our garments it will allow you to join a bigger cause while also allowing you to transform your body . Each time you will wear Zura brand not only will be increasing your longevity but you will be helping sustain and maintain the environment that is your provider.

 Why We Support The Vision?

The 202020 Vision is one that truly inspires individuals, communities and the world to see and observe nature from another angle. It is important to give back to mother-nature that gives us so much and in return barely asks for anything. While nature is to some extent a self- healer, we have continued to destroy it without putting much thought into our actions. It is time someone came up with a brilliant idea to rescue and revive the planet that is suffering in the hands of us humans. Put your life into motion to redefine yourself and join hands to help protect and rebuild planet earth. Zura is building a team, a force, a community a tribe to unite people who will be likeminded people who share the same energy and vibrate with the same precession to change the world to make it a better place and living for a higher purpose, one that truly represents the real you in this world with your actions and the realisation of once true value as a human being. It is a defining moment that is life changing. The change shifts the outlook of life overall either for self, the community or the universe as a whole.. It is a call to change self and change the world and live for something we were all born for. By being part of a Zura community, one will live for the higher purpose we were born for. That is the defining moment of your life when you join the group and live life to the maximum. Let’s start the change. Let’s dive deep within and find that y inside you. The value of life will change everything that you do and live for by being part of something that we all are in search for your Zura. By becoming part of Zura and wearing Zura you have already started to create that change by directly becoming part of the world changing event. We will plant a tree for you.


Ruby Star Kids is a charity founded by Zura which is committed to bringing light in the lives of children in third world countries like Fiji. In Fiji 43% of the families live under poverty especially in the rural areas while 31% live below poverty line. Only 65% of children are enrolled at the primary level and only 33% at the secondary level. Although education has been made free lately to help struggling parents the cost of transport, uniforms, shoes, books is significantly high. Sadly 15% of the children also live in squatter settlements who struggle to meet their daily basic requirements.

These children are living under poverty and financially unprivileged to provide basic education and make a decent living. Like all of us around the world they aspire for success and are driven by genuine sense of hope and deep desire to win in life in spite of everyday life adversities. Although under constant financial pressure and ongoing battle for survival they have a remarkable spirit that makes them believe genuinely in themselves. The fact is that these kids know very little that their dreams will be buried in their hearts forever if no one rescues them financially.

Ruby Star Kids programme is proud to sponsor these kids for basic education and help them realise that the dreams they have is achievable. Zura will genuinely contribute 10% of its annual income towards Ruby Star Kids programme.

By wearing our brand you will become part of a bigger cause helping children who are less privileged than us. With every purchase of zura gear, we will donate a gold coin to help build a brighter future