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Are You Struggling to Get Rid of Your BellyFat?

Truth is this Sit ups and crunches DO NOT effectively reduce your belly fat In fact, doing excessive ab-targeted moves can injury to your low back by causing unnecessary stress on your spine. Doing ab-targeted exercises like sit ups, crunches and side bends will do absolutely nothing to help you get rid of your ab flab.

You’re a Winner!

We all know that “fight or flight” is our natural reaction to any threatening situation or perception. Imagine being confronted by the danger of a street gang, roaring lion, or white pointer! Instinctually our body prepares to either run or stay and fight, in order to ensure our survival.

Muscle Building Goals?

What Zura have for pulled together for you are some great ‘Muscle Building Exercise Tips’ for all of you gym owners, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. No holes barred…anyone with a love for fitness…this is for you!

Becoming Your Very Own “Hero”

Trying to explain your “Zura mindset flow” to someone who’s never experienced it is like trying to describe the colour red to a person who is colour blind. They may understand the idea but can’t really grasp it on any real level. It’s totally foreign to them and elusive.

What does it really take to transform my body?

I often get asked the following question: “What does it really take to transform my body?” The root word here that always makes my ears prick up is: really. It amuses me every time I hear it. Like there’s secret that being held back from mainstream population. A secret that’s only shared by a select few.

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