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Size v Health

Truth be told: you can be overweight and fit – or thin and unhealthy. So what’s the difference?

Although someone may be overweight compared to a thinner person, they can still be ‘metabolically healthy’, if they don’t suffer from ailments such as insulin resistance, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, or any kind of cardiovascular disease.

If a person is overweight plus also suffers from insulin resistance, plus diabetes, plus abnormal blood pressure – then they are in a poor state of health.

A thin person on the other hand who carries no excess weight may be at greater risk of physical deterioration than the larger person who is healthy.

Good News for You.

This means if you are overweight but have two or less of the above makers of poor health, you are healthier than someone who is thinner than you but suffers from more unhealthy symptoms.

So the question is: ‘Should you wait to drop those extra pounds before you start a proper training program? Absolutely ‘not’. Being fit is a game-changer for many people, regardless of their size. Take advantage of a good training program and start today.

In Conclusion…

You have everything you need to successfully whip your body into shape.

When you maintain a regular training program, you start burning fat and building muscle naturally, and your body will become healthier. This is when you’ll truly enjoy the path of daily bliss and personal satisfaction, which is what being fit AND healthy is all about.